Destination Divine Harmony

Destination Divine Harmony therapeutic retreat is a journey to rediscover human
intelligence through the following worlds:

1. Golden World
Come to the golden world to practice opening up your individual philosophy and to create positive and successful story of your life. It is a platform for you to practice – making positive and successful story of your life from your raw thought, by connecting your individual philosophy with divinity.

2. Physical World
This world is a chaotic symphony of artistic music, and natural talk with roses. Come to the physical world to create chaos with artistic music and natural talk with roses. This is good for physical health and evolves your energy to the highest level, and brings lightness to your physical and mental body. It helps in eternal purification at physical level.

3. Mental World
Come to the mental world for self-healing through unconditional love at your energy center. Mental world gives you the stability of mind. In this world you experience state of happiness. As you go through this world you get a pause of mind. This world helps you to balance your energy. The self-healing of this world is a unique and great experience of its own kind.

4. Emotional World
Emotional world is for celebration of consciousness with devotion. Celebrations with devotion include colors, light, play, singing and dancing with devotional melody where you experience connectivity with nature. In this session you experience real joy, satisfaction, unconditional love and oneness. Celebration of consciousness leads you to the experience of unconditional love, which is profound and very meaningful for


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