This offer includes 2-night stay with 2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinners for 1 person. 


Divine Harmony Retreat is a therapeutic retreat for experiencing oneness emerging from all your past, present and future existences. It is an experience of your higher consciousness, based on the truth of oneness. It takes you towards the state of ultimate unity, where you get away from your inner rancor. Therefore it helps to remove your duality and provides a clear vision of your life.


Therapy comprises of activities that will help you to establish the connection with your soul, and facilitate smooth flow of energy within you.


The therapy is a very unique experience, which is derived from an overall eco system of :


  • Peaceful and Serene atmosphere of the venue.
  • Sumptuous but very balanced meals.
  • Close to nature but comfortable living on the venue.

Divine Harmony - 2021 (Accommodation and Meals included for 1)

$1,100.00 Regular Price
$902.00Sale Price
  • All of below is included for 1 guest: 


    Your Stay during the Retreat:

    This Spiritual Retreat package comes with 2-night accomodation for 1 person at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa. Nestled within 22 acres of soaring Monterey Pines, the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa on Del Monte Golf Course is a destination hotel providing the most discerning traveler with the quintessential Monterey experience. Its Central California Coast location offers guest close proximity to downtown Monterey, Monterey Airport and easy access to some of the Peninsula’s most well-known attractions.

    Guest check-in on Friday September 13th any-time after 4.00 pm and spend Friday Sept 13th and Saturday Sept 14th night at the Hyatt. Check-out is at 11.00 am on Sunday Sept 15th. 


    Your Meals during the Retreat: 

    During your stay at the retreat all your meals are covered. 

    Dinner: After check-in on Sept 13th please enjoy dinner at SpyGlass Promenade. Dinner will be served on Sept 14th after the 1st day session at The Beach room.

    Breakfast: Breakfast will be served on Sept 14th and Sept 15th mornings at The Beach conference room

    Lunch: Lunch will be served on Sept 14th and Sept 15th afternoon at SpyGlass Promenade

    No dinner offered on Sept 15th. 


    The event  

    All the activities during 14th and 15th are covered under this cost.



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